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The Seers Playing Cards

The Seers Laetus Playing Cards

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The Seers Laetus fulfils all of the requirements of both Cardists and Magicians. Not only that, this deck is perfect for collectors too as it will never be reprinted!

Features of the Laetus include:

  • Premium crushed stock
  • Air cushion finish
  • Printed by USPCC
  • Duplicate Six of Spades
  • Gaff Three of Hearts
  • Stylish front and back fanning design
  • Recognizable pips and courts for spectators
  • Snazzy tuck box
  • Fulfilled by Murphy's Magic

The Geometric back design of the Laetus is striking. Offering two different rear fanning designs making this deck not only visually exciting but excellent for Cardistry too. We love cards that stand out which is why we chose to go with these highly contrasting colours to make the red really pop.

Even with non-standard faces and indices, all of the cards are recognizable to spectators making your magic tricks flawless.

Customer Reviews

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Love this deck!

This is by far my fave deck of cards! Love the colorway, the fanning, the gaffs. Sure it is def great for cardistry, but I love it for magic too. I'm so bummed that the v2's kickstarter was canceled :( :( :( But tbh I hope when you try again that you go with the blue deck. The traditional blue/red dichotomy makes it perfect for a Chicago Opener, or a Cros Twist.
Can't wait for the v2's!!!!

Dennis Smith
Seers fanning cards

Very good quality at a reasonable price.